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This young 24 year old has paid his dues. From taking piano lessons and studying music theory in elementary school to singing with The Voice of Melrose and the West Tennessee All-State Choir, rhythm and praise recording artist Markevius Faulkner has followed God's plan for his music career. All the hard work paid off October 21st when Day One, Faulkner's debut album, was officially released.

The lead single "Jehovah God (One by One)" has been tearing up the airwaves for almost a year now but the remaining ten songs on this project are vying for their respective spots in the hearts of gospel music lovers.

Markevius became very transparent in the lyrics of some of the songs he wrote for this cd. He says that he did that "to inspire others to persevere". Ballad-like "No More" and "I Won't Fail You" seem to be his way of showing us that there is a path back to the Father, regardless of what we've done.

"Complicated" and "I Ain't Goin' 2 Hell 4 U" speak to modern day circumstances and present Godly reactions to both.

Perhaps a testament to his life in the church, Markevius reaches back to the ole school and puts his unique spin on "This Is The Day" and "God Has Smiled On Me".

His theme is "A Ministry of Humility in Excellence". Versatile, creative and transparent: Markevius Faulkner's debut album Day One is indeed excellent!

Zacchaeus Hayslett
Contributing Writer

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Welcome! It seems like just yesterday that 2010 began; now we are nearing the end of 2011.

Once again we have the privilege to greet you in our monthly Inspirer newsletter. Take your time and peruse each article because there is a lot of good information for you and yours. We have tidbits from many areas of ministry we know you will enjoy. So don't just scroll down to the end and look at pictures; you'll miss some very valuable information.

Our theme this year is "Embracing The World Around You"! Jesus said in Mark 16:15 "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel..." Each of us is strategically placed where we are but we must have discernment in order to see the needs of those around us. This year, I challenge you to be the light of your community!

Always remember, if ever you are in our area, we would love to have you and your family come by and visit with us.  



Bishop Brandon B. Porter
Senior Pastor








On The Move


Preparing for the long anticipated performance of SPARED the cast and crew of the GCT Theater Ministry is putting the finishing touches on the show. The play tells the story of Tiffany Goode (Chykla Sims), a sixteen year old who feels responsible for the death of her two best friends, Tamara (Deshawna Smith) and Brittany (Khadeijra Carson) after an act of disobedience. She is left to face the harsh reality that because her friends were not saved, they will spend an eternity in hell. She not only feels guilty about their death, but also because she did not take the time to witness to them about Jesus. Tiffany's parents, Bernard & Sandra (Norris & Janon Wilbourn) pray and support her. They help her receive deliverance and healing through this tumultuous time in her life by reminding her that God has plans for her life (Jeremiah 29:11).

This play was written by Missionary LaKesha Ford Calhoun, author, entrepreneur and member of Greater Community Temple COGIC. It confronts many ills in our society today such as underage drinking and teen violence. It also addresses the relationship and tension that exists in Christian families when teens feel pressured by peers and deny their relationship with God. One of the most powerful statements that the play makes is that a praying parent can stay the hand of the enemy when he attempts to steal the future of their children.

The show features music from Holy hip-hop artist FLAME (Marcus Tyrone Gray). The audience will definitely leave the production with a different perspective on the type of music that brings you closer to worship as they sing the lyrics to "Surrender", from FLAME'S latest album CAPTURED. This contemporary, fun score features original choreography that marries classical ballet and hip-hop dance styling.

During this season of Thanksgiving, audiences will leave this anointed play with tears of sadness and joy. SPARED touches the audience, brings families closer together and makes us all realize that death knows no age limit and that God is limitless in His forgiveness and love. Don't miss SPARED, this month at GCT.

Ministry Tidbit

Arts Access

Art exists to be explored, experienced and appreciated by everyone. Arts Access is an annual outreach program sponsored by ArtsMemphis that ensures the arts are available to those who can't always afford the price of admission. Thanks to more than 30 participating arts organizations, free tickets (4 tickets per family) to arts events and exhibitions are available year-round for EBT cardholders, TennCare/Church Health Center patients, Food Stamp recipients, Tickets for Troops member families and **EVERYONE that attends any ArtsMemphis Pop Up event.

To receive a 2011-12 Arts Access brochure, please contact Lauren Boyer via email at, by calling 901-578-2787 ext. 302 or by visiting

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Belz Museum of Asian and Judaic Art

1. Rhodes College Clough Hanson Gallery
2. The Art Museum at the University of Memphis
3. Center for Southern Folklore
4. Memphis College of Art Gallery
5. Christian Brothers University Gallery
6. Rhodes College Clough-Hanson Art Gallery

1. Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap
2. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
3. Ballet Memphis' The Nutcracker
4. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
5. Memphis Symphony Orchestra's Home for the Holidays
6. Alice in Wonderland
7. Romeo and Juliet
8. The Amen Corner
9. Dreamgirls
10. Opera Memphis
11. Ballet Memphis' Cinderella
12. Opera Memphis' Tosca

Contributing author: Beverly Parrish

Money Matters

Pray, Prepare & Plan


Financial difficulties can arise when unexpected illness or additional financial responsibilities put more stress on an already strained checking account. If you are already behind on several bills and now owe for expenses you hadn't planned for, you may think that paying with a credit card will make everything easier. Actually, credit cards are not the easy way out because this is not your money: they are small loans that have to be repaid, with interest.

Realizing there is not enough money to meet every obligation can be very hectic. So when you've done all you know to do, the next thing you should do is pray and ask God for wisdom on money management. In Proverbs 4:7 the Bible says "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding". Wisdom will provide you with the tools needed to adequately plan and prepare for financial mishaps. We cannot see the future; God only shows us things in part. Also, tomorrow is not promised and neither is living in a malfunction free house or driving a car that does not break down. These types of events are inevitable for non-Christians and Christians alike.

When situations like these arise, I believe we should have what I like to call "just in case money". For example, if the transmission in your car goes out, how will you pay to have it repaired? Of course you don't want to borrow money from a credit card company or bank then repay it because you will end up paying more for the repair than it actually costs due to interest and fees. Do you have a "Rainy Day" fund? This is money you set aside specifically for emergency purposes. Please understand that shopping for a new dress to wear to a special event does not qualify as an emergency. The fact of the matter is shopping is not even a true form of therapy. Therefore, the next time a friend says "go with me for a little retail therapy", tell them you have been delivered from over spending because now you possess wisdom in proper money management. When you pray, prepare and plan for things that could occur, you become well-equipped to handle any and all financial situations.

 Tamara Smith
 Contributing Writer


Living Single



There are many inequalities in this world. Racism - despite our many strides - continues to raise its ugly head. Classism is alive and well; ask those that are "occupying" all over our nation. There is another - ism becoming prevalent but seemingly disregarded: singleism (new word).

Businesses, organizations and even ministries see singles as a group of individuals that are always available to do what is needed. In their zeal to appear "family friendly" companies often require single employees to travel more frequently, work more weekends and holidays, stay longer during the week and monitor their time off during school vacation season. I guess it would be more palatable if all of this translated somehow into higher salaries, but it doesn't. Some economists have determined that marriage increases men's wages by as much as 27%.

As a single homeowner, you can pay the same price, down payment, mortgage, interest and property tax as that lovely couple in the house down the street; but should you choose to sell your home, you are entitled to only half the maximum capital gains.

Gyms, insurance companies and clubs offer family and even couple discounts. Even in death, singles have issues. A married couple can leave each other as much property, retirement savings and SSI benefits as they desire - tax free. However, a single person's property may be subject to multiple taxes, or, in the case of SSI payments, funneled back into the Federal coiffeurs.

I know several people that have gotten married to offset these inequalities, rather than for love. Is this what the world has come to?

I think not! These injustices can be met head on. Make yourself available during office hours to assist in any way you can. Unless you savor the idea of business travel and enjoy the décor of your office so much that you don't mind spending late evenings there, it is okay to reasonably decline requests to do so. If your work ethic is what it should be and you prove yourself to be a team player, there are laws in place that support your continued employment and even an increase in pay when appropriate.

If you frequent gyms and organizations and have developed a relationship with insurance companies and financial institutions, it is reasonable that you request something for your loyalty. We have not because we ask not doesn't just apply to our Heavenly Father.

Now when it comes to capital gains, SSI and taxes - I can't help ya :)

Getting married to avoid these problems though is NOT the answer. Those same friends I mentioned earlier have found themselves embroiled in bigger issues besides paying a little more and working a little longer because they married for the wrong reason.

 Emma Devine
 Contributing Writer




I have found more comfort and peace in praying than ever before; God has worked out some things on my behalf. When I began to decrease, the Spirit of God began to increase in my life. So I want to share some critical and helpful information with those who haven't really tapped into the power of prayer. It may appear to be a hard task, but it is simply conversing with this higher being we call God. Some helpful prayer tips are:

* Pray for specifics, based on the need. Philippians 4:6; Let your request be made known unto God. Remember these alternative names for God and use them for assured access to the Father:

Jehovah Tsidkenu - Righteousness
Jehovah Jireh- Provider
M'Kaddesh- Sanctifies
Jehovah Nissi - Victory
Jehovah Shalom - Peace
Rohi - Shepherd
Shammah - Always There
Jehovah Rophe - Healer

* Pray during your praise and worship experiences. Tell the angels how they can help you. They work by instruction, not intuition. When you know the adversary you are about to face, employ them on your behalf.

* Pray in the authority of Jesus' name. Psalms 103:19-20; bend your knees in prayer and give voice to the Word of God. Without Christ's intercession, our prayers wouldn't make it to the ears of God.

* Pray for purification on a regular basis. Psalm 51:10; in the Old Testament, David asked for a clean heart and for a right spirit to be renewed in him.

* Let your prayer time be more than your worry time. Psalms 91; God gives divine protection.

* Pray and ask God to give you a servant's heart. The spirit of the pastor is in part the anointing on his life and a portion of the spirit of God that has been placed on him. If you're following correctly, you should know the vision of your pastor, understanding that it's incumbent upon you to help bear the load. In order for effective ministry to take place, the lay members and leaders alike must have the spirit of the pastor.

* Pray in faith. Hebrew 11:6; we must have faith and believe that God answers prayers.

We must be prayer warriors, dedicated to fasting and praying with great compassion, love the church, have a burden for souls, undergird those in leadership, intercede for the Body of Christ and for mankind everywhere.

Contributing Writer: Judy Ibezim

Monthly Emphasis: Prayer

This month's emphasis is Prayer. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, prayer is a reverent petition to God or an object of worship. In Oral Communications, we learned that communication is sending and receiving information. When we pray, it is simply two-way communication with God. Although God is a Spirit, He receives information from us and sends information to us. Many receive salvation but sometimes believers don't experience the best of God. What can we do to get our prayers answered?

The following list, along with supporting scriptures, provides a quick reference guide on how to pray and see results:

1. Eradicate sin. Our sins separate us from God and keep Him from hearing our prayers. Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear; But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear (Isaiah 59:1-2). The good news is found in I John 1:9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

2. Pray according to His will (1 John 5:14-15). We CAN trust God; He really does have our best interest at heart. When we pray according to His will, our prayers are answered because we are only asking for what He's already promised.

3. Give thanks (Philippians 4:6-7). Even the devil recognizes faith and when we thank God in advance, we confuse the enemy. The everyday practice of thanksgiving and faith brings us closer to God, which gives us peace. Giving us peace is one way He communicates with us. God desires to be a part of our everyday living in order to strengthen us for everyday living. When the enemy tries to talk you out of trusting God [and he will], resist him and he will flee for you (James 4:7).

4. Pray without ceasing in order to get to the place of fulfillment (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

By: Sylvester Person


GREATER COMMUNITY TEMPLE'S mission is to impact its community through evangelism, discipleship in order to change the world. We are committed to developing the believer in their faith of the Lord Jesus Christ through the consistent and systematic study of God's word. We exist to celebrate God's presence, to demonstrate God's love, to communicate God's word, and to educate God's people.

Bishop Brandon B. Porter
Senior Pastor